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Featured in Style Magazine nov 2012

Burger Barn & Café Fine American Fare
by Lisa M. Butler
Western Burger Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.
We all know “eating right” means ingesting a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and enough boneless, skinless chicken breast to make a person cluck!
But, sometimes, that hankering for a juicy, meaty burger and fries needs to be satisfied. At the Burger Barn & Café in Pollock Pines, they make their burgers with fresh, never frozen, lean ground beef, making them a treat to eat without guilt!
Since February 2011, the sign out front of the quaint restaurant has invited diners in to enjoy “Fresh Home-Style Cooking and Atmosphere.” Friendly service and tasty, quality food await hungry customers looking for simple, American cuisine.
We started our meal with an order of Mozzarella sticks, cooked to perfection with a light coating of Italian-style breadcrumbs. Three of us split two 1/2-pound burgers – a good old-fashioned cheeseburger with sharp Cheddar and the tasty Western Burger topped with deep-fried onions. We accompanied our decedent dinner with an order of fries and three frothy milkshakes made with real ice cream.
Everything was freshly prepared within sight and delivered to our table hot, within minutes. The ample portions left us with contented appetites and plenty of leftovers to take home.
The Burger Barn & Café’s menu offers burgers in 1/6-, 1/3- and 1/2-pound sizes. They come plain, stuffed with jalapeño cream cheese, topped with bacon or mushrooms, chili or bleu cheese, or whatever creative combination your heart desires. Additional menu items include zucchini sticks, deep-fried mushrooms, hot and cold sandwiches, a chicken basket, hot dogs, corn dogs and chili, not to mention turkey and garden burgers. Besides lunch and dinner – offered in an indoor or outdoor setting, or for takeout – the restaurant now serves breakfast. Come get your burger and French fry fix at the most delicious barn in town!
Burger Barn & Café, 6404 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines, 530-344-7167, burgerbarn.com.
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Voted #1 in Customer service 2011 &2012
Article from Mountain Democrat
First I would like to report that Laurie Tackett, the owner of Burger Barn, at 6404 Pony Express Trail in Pollock Pines, is not the same person who had the Burger Shack in front of CVS some time ago. She just purchased the equipment from there and opened this place in February. She says she gets this question all the time, including from me. So, there, now you know.
I sat down at the counter and picked up a copy of the to-go menu. I asked Tackett if it was up to date and she said, “No, we have a new one coming out next week.” Then she proceeded to write all over mine, adding things like her new big sellers, stuffed burgers, to the two page list of nearly 20 burgers, a dozen other sandwiches, half a dozen hot dogs, 35 flavors of shakes and a number side orders, including beer-battered fries, already on the menu. “There are other things like blizzards and freezes,” added Tackett, while continuing to add to my menu, “and if we have the ingredients, we will make anything you want.”
The double bacon cheese burger was the favorite, but the stuffed burgers are taking over first place. “They are made with a half pound of fresh hamburger,” said Tackett, “then stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese, bacon and blue cheese or mushrooms and Swiss cheese, and, like all our burgers, grilled to your order. People love them,” Tackett said.
Before you say, “A half pound?,” they also have a one-sixth pound junior and one-third pound regular burger. All burgers are available in a combo meal with fries and a drink.
Tackett has been involved in the restaurant business since she was 14 and working at the former Pizza Hut off Missouri Flat Road. The next generation, her daughter Gabrielle, helps her at the Burger Barn. Gabrielle has been nominated for Best Customer Service in Pollock Pines, an award event held annually by the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines, in conjunction with other local groups.
The Burger Barn has a sign that says, “Fresh Home Style Cooking and Atmosphere,” and it lives up to that by being very friendly and serving good food. Just ask the customers. There is inside and outside seating, weather permitting, and free Wi-Fi. The hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m., Sunday 1 until 5 p.m. and closed on Monday. For more information call 530-344-7167.
By the way, be sure to check out the large Norwegian weather rock near the entrance. If it is warm, the weather is sunny; if it is wet, it is raining; if it is white, it is snowing and if it moves, it is windy. I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid.

6404 Pony Express Trail
Pollock Pines, CA 95726

 Tues - Thurs-11AM - 7PM
 Fri-Sat:  8AM- 8PM
Sun: Mon       11Am-5Pm

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